How Are All These People Making Money Online?

When I first read about online income, I didn’t even believe it was possible for bloggers, youtubers, and influencers to make money online doing what they do.

It all just looked like WAY TOO MUCH FUN, and way too unbelievable for anyone to be making any REAL money AT ALL.

After a while, I actually became pretty sceptical. I began to wonder if the only way bloggers, youtubers, and influencers ever make any REAL money online, is by selling other people the idea that they can make money online, too.

So I dug quite a lot deeper into this subject. I’m a business guy, so I needed more information. I just needed to know absolutely EVERYTHING about it.

After a few years of trial and error, I finally figured out what works, and what doesn’t. I started putting some of it into practice, and put it into my own businesses. I then felt the need to tell as many people as I can, so they can do it to.

There Are No Secrets

I’ll tell you right now, that there are no ‘secrets’. There’s no quick-fix, magic pill, special recipe, or hack, that you can sign up for today, and do, that will earn you an infinite amount of money. Making money online, is as hard work as having any other job out there. It’s simple to do, but it’s not easy.

So don’t sign up for anymore email lists, or buy any more crap from those snake-oil marketers out there, telling you that there is.

I’m going to show you the 8 main ways most bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers actually make money online today. 


I’ll also show you how to implement these things into your own business (the one I’m going to help you build), to make money for your own income.

Oh, and it really is completely 100% free, so there’s that, too.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself


I’m Rick Lowe, A.K.A. ‘tricklowe’.

Welcome to the tricklowe blog. I’ve been building websites, involved in graphic design, online marketing, and more, for my own businesses and web sites, for over 20 years now.

When I first arrived in the USA from England in 2005, I started an amazing business with nothing but the change I had on the bedroom floor. Within 20 short months, some networking, and a little online marketing, I had built it into a $300,000.00 per year corporation with multiple locations in Southern California.

I built recently, to teach other people to build your own business, side-hustle, or just for them to have fun while making a little money.

It is absolutely 100% possible for you to break out of whatever financial hell you’re in, and quit your job (when you’re ready). You could become independent and free financially, and emotionally, with your own online business. Honestly, it’s not as hard as you might think.

I’m definitely not saying it’s easy. It is a lot of work. But the steps are simple, and easy to follow. You just need to have the determination to do it.

I’m going to teach you a set of skills that will allow you to live life on your own terms.

Trust me, I REALLY know what it’s like to be broke. This is why most of the things I teach can be started with very little to no money. Better still, you don’t ever have to pay ME, anything, ever. That’s not how this works, at all.

If you’ve got a little time to spare, and motivation to build something great for yourself, I’m here for you.

Start a Blog and Make Money Online – The Articles

I’m not sure if you’re reading my ‘how to start a blog & make money online’ article series yet.

Maybe you stumbled across this article at random, searching on google, or in some other way.  You could’ve found me through one of the  facebook groups or social media platforms out there, where I’m always giving as many people advice on this as possible, before they get ripped off, or spend money on the wrong things.

Even if you’ve started to learn about it online income, and want to go REALLY in-depth and step-by-step on every single detail of starting a blog, my articles will be of huge value to you.


If you haven’t seen the article series yet, it’s 1,000,000% free. I promise I hold absolutely nothing back that you have to pay for.

It starts off with finding the right business idea for YOU, and that first article is RIGHT HERE.

Already Following The Articles? Great!

If you’re already following the article series and landed here, you’re probably reading this article because you’ve got your 3 great blog topics as business ideas. You’ve decided which blog idea is the best one for making money, and now you’re working on the competitive research part of the course.

You now know almost everything you need-to-know about the competitors in your niche. Right now, you’re putting everything together about HOW THEY MAKE MONEY.

So let’s take a close look at ways bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers make money online today.

Take Note of ALL POSSIBLE Income Sources

As you read this article, take note of every single way YOU could make money.

Absolutely ANYTHING that could make money for you, plan to do it. Click To Tweet

Professional bloggers, youtubers, and influencers, make money from as many different sources as possible. I can almost guarantee you that the most profitable idea for you may not be the one you originally expected, so it’s important to try as many as possible.

We’ll start by looking at the two main types of income.

Passive Income & Active Income

When it comes to all income, there are two main types. ‘Passive Income’, and ‘Active Income’.

Let’s take a very quick look at how each of these types of income compare.

Passive Income

Passive Income, is money earned that you don’t need to exchange your time for money.

Once the system is set up, you don’t need to do anything physically to earn the money, it works automatically.

You effectively can earn money while you sleep, jog, walk, drink coffee, watch tv… …you get the picture.

Other examples of passive income would be things like stock investments, real estate, etc.

Active Income

Active Income is earned by exchanging your time for money.

If you’ve ever had a job for an employer, you’ve already had close personal experience of active income. You get paid for a certain amount of time, or a certain amount of effort, specifically.

Both Passive Income and Active Income working for yourself, are equally as attractive. They can both give you an equal amount of freedom. Click To Tweet

If you want to learn more about passive / active income sources, etc, I have a much more in depth article, here.

Bloggers, youtubers, and influencers make money online using both types of income.

We’ll start with my personal favorite, affiliate income.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to generate money by recommending other company’s products or services. There are no set-up costs at all. Affiliate income be used by any blogger, youtuber, or influencer to make money online almost immediately.

All you need to do as an affiliate, is recommend another product or brand (preferably something you use or know very well) that ties in with your niche market. To work well, it really should be a genuinely awesome product. Something your audience would get great value from, and really need.

As an affiliate, you would promote the product or service through a link in an article, video description, or through a link in your content somewhere.

If one of your audience signs up for the product through your link, you get paid an ‘affiliate commission’ by the company you’re promoting.

I have a great article that goes into everything about affiliate marketing for beginners. In that post, I go into a lot of detail about right way to do things, best networks to use, and how to get started, RIGHT HERE.

My Dreamhost Affiliate Links

After 20 years of designing web sites, I’ve used more than a few hosting companies. I know the ins-and-outs of all of them.  Due to my experience in this area,  I highly recommend Dreamhost as a hosting company.  As an affiliate for Dreamhost, I have an account that gives me a link for people to sign up for hosting, and save money through my promotional link.

If you sign up for a Dreamhost hosting account through my link, you’ll get a really great discount on your hosting. I get paid a commission from Dreamhost, for referring you.

The thing I love about Affiliate marketing, is that everybody wins. That’s how all businesses SHOULD work, and that’s what makes affiliate marketing such a fantastic opportunity when it’s done right.

There’s usually no money needed to set up, and you can start earning affiliate commissions immediately.

Affiliate links can generate very good passive income, and is used by many bloggers, youtubers, and influencers.

Affilliate marketing is a really big subject to go into, as there are a few different ways of doing it. Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to get started with online income.

Head over to this article where I go into a lot of detail about the different types of affiliate income, and how you can get it set up and working on your blog, today.

2. Digital Products

Digital products are things you can sell that are not ‘physical’ items.

Examples of great digital products are:

  • eBooks
  • Online Courses
  • Online Video Workshops
  • Media (images, graphics, video, sound clips or songs, animations, music, etc)
  • Software / Code (apps, themes, plugins, etc)
  • Memberships / Subscriptions

Digital products are great for producing passive income, because once produced, they can be replicated and sold as many times as they can ever be bought.

Unless the digital product ever needs to be updated, you don’t need to do anything else except for watching the payments roll in.

Sounds good, right?

Let’s take closer a look at each type of digital product mentioned here.


An ‘eBook’, is an electronic book or document, usually in adobe .pdf format.

eBooks are pretty easy to produce. They cost nothing to produce more than the time and energy it takes to publish.

The really great thing about eBooks, is that they work on absolutely ANY platform. You can store them and read them on any smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, ereader, literally ANY device.


eBooks Can be Easily Downloaded and Read on ANY Device

They can also be emailed, or downloaded easily.

If your blog topic has things you can teach others, or things you can present in a document form, an eBook could be a great idea.

Good examples of an eBook could be recipe books for a cooking / homesteading niche site. Or if you wanted to, you could make the book in installments, as part of a subscription package, to build the book on a weekly / monthy basis (more about this later).

eBooks are also great for instructions, building plans, written tutorials, etc.

Often marketers will use eBooks on a squeeze page or landing page as a free offer.  They work extremely well as an incentive for new audience members to join an email list.

Media – Images, Videos, Graphics, or Music

With more and more bloggers, youtubers, and influencers making money online, the need for more media just keeps growing.

There are many different types of media you can generate and sell.


If you’re a photographer, you can sell your images to other people that need them. Graphic designers, bloggers, just about anyone that uses pictures often (myself included) needs images frequently.

Video Clips

The same thing is true for video shots, useful video clips, possibly b-roll, or for any media presentations.

Music / Audio Clips / Sound Effects

Music is also in huge demand for people to use in their video productions for anything, even youtube, etc.

Not just music arrangements, or songs, either. S

hort audio soundbites, clips, and even good sound effects are always needed by video editors, filmmakers, animators, and more.


Graphics, such as textured backgrounds, clipart, emojis, stickers, animations, or even artwork are in huge demand.

Animations / GIFs

Short animations and animated GIF’s are on the rise again, and original short animations are extremely useful, especially if you can just search a library or portfolio for the clips you want.

Once this media is produced and uploaded, you don’t ever need to do it again. Therefore, every time it’s paid for and downloaded, it is replicated again on the customer’s computer. There’s no need for any more work from you.

So, once you have a good portfolio of media content that’s selling well, this could be a great passive income earner, freeing up your time to do whatever you want.


I know, sounds good, right?

Shoot whatever video you want, design, draw, sit around and whatever… well, you get the picture.

You’ll Make More Having Your Own Portfolio / Library

You’d make more money building an audience and selling media directly from your own blog / ecommerce site.

Yes, this IS is the ‘long-game’ version, but it is the best. It may also take a long time, and a lot of work to build up your audience. But, if it was me, this would be the one to ultimately go for long term.

This model avoids building your business on someone else’s platform, gives you absolute control, and involves ZERO ‘middle-people’.

There are also third-party sites upon which you can sell your media, which may produce some quicker results for you.

They take care of everything. Once it’s uploaded, it’s a forgotten thing for you.

Third Party Media Sites

Here are a lot of great networks that you could sell your media on. These networks are a great place to get started, as you don’t need any money to get going.  These networks also can be a way of finding what sells, or what works, testing your ideas, etc.

Adobe Stock

As a monster raving fan, and daily user of Adobe creative products such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Lightroom CC, Premiere Pro CC, I absolutely love the Adobe Stock image library. Adobe tools and software are the best, and used by almost EVERY creative person in media, worldwide.

One of the greatest things about Adobe Stock photos, etc, is that you can actually search from WITHIN Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc, in libraries right in the software. This is an amazing tool for bloggers, graphic designers, video editors, and anyone needing images for project work.

They really DO have some of the best stock images available today. I would say THE best available, with Shutterstock coming in a very close second.  I use both sites VERY often.

You can sign up as a contributor right now, for free.

Simply click RIGHT HERE, sign up for the Adobe Contributor program start uploading your images, videos, etc, for free today.and start making money almost immediately.

One of the world’s largest suppliers of stock images, videos and illustrations on the internet, is a great place to start selling as a contributor. They also have some of the best stock photography available.

I have a number of portfolios and folders on shutterstock. I’m not the world’s best photographer (and neither do you need to be), but I do sell a few photos on there.

CLICK HERE to go to the shutterstock contributor page. You can sign up for free right now, start uploading photos right away, and begin selling almost immediately.

To search the library, and buy photos from for your own blog, youtube channel, or influencer media, go here.

Software / Code – Apps, Plugins, Themes

If you are a coder, web designer, or a webdev, you could easily do this self employed, and make a lot more money.

There are many different options and avenues for this.


iOS / Smart Phone Apps

Designing smart phone apps can be extremely lucrative. Whether you do this for small local businesses, as software to connect and control things with a smart phone, or even just design a stand-alone app or game.

Developing Web Apps

Are you a WebDev? What about finding your own clients, and developing small, useful apps for smaller businesses that need them? OR go for the bigger clients, and work remotely as part of a team of developers. There are small groups of developers online, that connect and build some amazing applications.

Build a website that’s a marketing tool for other marketers. Maybe there’s a data set or metric that can be used or presented in a better way to help their businesses grow.

WordPress Themes

You could develop the plugins or themes for another framework like WordPress. If it works well, and gets downloaded a lot, you really could get some great passive income there.

Yeah, I know, you would still need to keep up with new releases and updates, and fix bugs. Remember, I DID say there’s no such thing as TOTALLY passive income. But, the income from sales would be earned passively, leaving you to work on your own terms.

You could design apps and work freelance for other businesses, even working remotely (what difference does it make if you code in a small apartment somewhere, or on a beach, sipping on margeritas while you work?). This is more of an active income strategy, but that beach, pool side, or dream location sound lot better than some company’s office somewhere.

You’d be doing the same job for tons more money. Maybe even working the similar hours. Or you could work less, earning the same amount of money, gaining a lot more freedom.

Membership Site

If your niche topic is one that requires constant learning, updating of information, or even one that has dedicated fans that want to stay up-to-date, you could have a membership website.

A good membership site can be a great digital product.

The great thing about membership sites, is once a good following of members has been built up, there’s continuous, residual income from the members. Also, if those members are happy with the site, they refer other people. Your members then begin to grow organically. The more members you get, the more you earn, and the more you can potentially offer your audience.

You’ll spend your time developing, writing, and updating the membership site. If the niche is something you’re totally into, this is great! It can really almost not feel like work at all, considering it’s something you’d be doing the research for anyway, whether you had a site or not.

Can you imagine hiring and having a team of people, all into the same thing as much as you?

What a fun place to work!

3. Online Courses

As a blogger, YouTuber, or influencer wanting to make money online, anything you can build a digital online coaching course for, could be a very lucrative option for you.

Once your course is produced, people sign up to gain access to the information. They can then follow the course at their leisure, and come back to it whenever they want.

Make it so that they can email you personally if they have any questions on anything at all. This way, you will be able to personally coach them when they need something explained more specifically. This is of tremendous value to someone learning a new skill!

Also, if you get too many of the same questions, you know where the people learning the course need a little more information, or more explanation. Then you can tweak and change the course to work better for them. This will help your audience better, improve the course content dramatically, and also reduce your future workload. Win!

Tie it in With Facebook / Social Media Groups

Some online courses have facebook groups, or membership areas people can get access to when they sign up. You can drop in whenever you have the time, to interact with your course members and help them with any enquiries or pain points they may have. This gives the give the course a MUCH more personal touch.

In something like a facebook group, course members can discuss the course in real-time with other people doing the same course. They can experiences, or get feedback on their ideas from other group members. This can be a VERY powerful tool!

If done right, the course group can grow organically. Perhaps then even become something better, as the audience create their own community and support group around your course.

Lots of Course Work

Courses do take a TON of work to get going, but if they hit the right pain-point for enough people, they can be VERY successful, and very profitable.

The best part about courses? If you’re doing it for all the right reasons, you really ARE helping people. If you did it right, you’ll get to hear that from your audience in the feedback they give you.

I don’t think there could be anything better than hearing people thanking you for helping them out. It’s very rewarding.

Online Video Workshops

An online video workshop is similar to an online course, and has all the same benefits.

However, presenting video demonstrations can deliver a lot more useful information, quite a lot faster than photos, text, and audio can. If your topic is technically based, and requires demonstration, a video course full of screenshots and tutorials can be extremely useful to people.

You can also have guests to interview, or talk through the correct ways of doing things, which can be super helpful to your course members, and livens things up a little.

4. Physical Products

A physical product, is anything you can hold in your hands, work with, wear, or use.

Whether you decide to manufacture, distribute, sell, or supply any physical product, there’s definitely good income to be made.

Different physical products come with their own set of unique challenges. Let’s take look at a few different variations of physical products, and how you, as a blogger, youtuber or influencer, can make money online today.

Niche Appropriate Products

Let’s imagine you had a site all about survival in the wild.

Niche appropriate products for survival are things such as survival knives, camping gear, backpacks, boots, jackets, maps, tents, compasses, MRE’s, and just about anything you’d ever need to survive the great outdoors

As part of your website, you would want to start an eCommerce store, selling these products.

You may also decide you don’t want to hold inventory, or deal with shipping, etc, in which case, you may want to look at a drop-shipping another manufacturer or retailer’s products.

Manufacturing Physical Products

You have a great idea for a product of your own? You could design the product, find a manufacturer, and release the product from your own platform.

Here’s a photo of a product I personally manufacture (I have a small board factory workshop in my garage), it’s a different type of skateboard, called a Pivotboard…


One of my Main Hobbies is Skating a Pivotboard (yep, that’s how weird I am)

Manufacturing your own products does involve a TON of time and effort. Sometimes it can takes years to get a product ready for release. You may definitely wish to outsource the manufacturing, too, once the product is ready.

If you don’t like the idea of manufacturing, maybe you could just distribute the product to retailers and ecommerce brands in your niche.

OEM Branding / Exclusive Products

You could approach an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and take their well-made products from other brands, and have the manufacturer relabel the product with your branding.

This is done in many different industries. I’m sure you’ve possibly seen identical products, that depending where you buy them, they hold different logos or branding on them.

These are OEM branded products.

Perhaps the product isn’t even rebranded, but has something exclusive about it when bought through your store.

Some shoes are manufactured made in exclusive colorways for certain retailers. For example, there’s a REALLY NICE pair of Vans shoes I want right now, that only Zumiez carry in that colorway.

Sponsored Physical Products / Collaborations

You may be approached by a company to sponsor you with your own signature version of their product.

This can come in the form of an endorsement, or a collaborative offer.


Most people know about collaborations these days. This is when a brand approaches you, or you approach them, and you work together on a unique version of their product.

Each brand is using the other brand as leverage to sell to their audience, and increase their popularity or credibility within different markets.

  • Beats by Dr. Dre is an amazing example of a collaboration.
  • Yeezy, is a collaboration between Adidas, and Kanye West.


The Adidas Yeezy – A Huge Collaboration Deal with Kanye West

Often manufacturers know that a name sells, and so they produce a product with the collaborator’s design, branding, etc, exclusively available through the collab.

Money can be paid either as an endorsement deal, a profit share, or similar contractual arrangements.

Collaborations are extremely popular in music, where two artists work together on a song. The artists get a chance to experiment, and leverage each other’s popularity, breaking into each other’s audiences.

Collaborations sell well, when they’re done well.

Write a Book

VERY good income can be made from publishing a popular book in your niche topic.

If you have the expertise and the following, maybe you could put a new spin on your niche. Maybe you could leverage your influence, in a collaborative work. Interview some really famous people, and document their collective knowledge on your topic.

Many bloggers, youtubers, and influencers, are making money online today writing and publishing books on Or using online publishing services that simply weren’t available 10 years ago.

If your book becomes a best seller, who knows where you can go from there. TV appearances, interviews, and more can really blow up your influence, and open up more opportunities to earn for you.


Once you have a decent following, maybe your followers would like to buy some branded merchandise.

Anything goes here. This is extremely popular with younger YouTube audiences. Many people do simple things like tshirts, hoodies, caps, etc. These are VERY EASY to do, even from your own home to begin with.

Depending on your area of influence or niche, there can be many different options for merchandising.

Bloggers, youtubers, and influencers everywhere make money online from their merchandise. Some of the world’s top youtubers make a LOT of money from ‘merch’.

Merchandise can also be used as an incentive for sign-ups of many kinds. Magazines used to use free shirts, wallets, caps, etc, as incentives to subscribe. Subscription sites and membership sites could easily offer this incentive.

People love something for free.

Why not give it to them, if you can leverage that cost against future revenue with zero downside for you?


One way to sell a product without needing to design it, produce it, or even touch it yourself, is drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is an arrangement with a company that you can sell their product on your site, but you don’t hold inventory or ship the product. Instead, once you sell the item, you send the cost of the product and the shipping address for the customer, to the company. They then ship the item to the customer for you.

Drop-shipping can become almost passive income, if it’s set up correctly.

There are even drop-shipping networks, where you can set up an account.  You promote as many different products as you want, and they connect you with the drop shipper.


Subscription Site

A subscription site is very similar to a membership site.

The site charges a subcription fee to continue to gain access to the information, app, tool, or service.

Subscription Boxes

Like old-school magazine subscriptions, subscribers pay a monthly fee. Instead of a print magazine, however, they receive a box each month with different products, or information, etc, related to the niche the subscription applies to.

There are subscription boxes for almost anything now. From cooking to skateboarding. Business / self-help book subscriptions, homesteading, and even the rapidly growing cannabis market is figuring this concept out.

Subscription boxes are pretty big-business in many different niches, and now bloggers, youtubers and influencers are making money online by getting in on the game, too.

Software / Service Subscriptions

I pay monthly to get access to the world’s best design tools, on Adobe CC. I also subscribe to Microsoft Office, which comes with an online storage solution, OneDrive.

It means I always have the most up-to-date software possible, with continuous support, and free downloads. The Adobe CC subscription also come with a ton of free content, tutorials, free design elements, and access to a free font library. It’s worth every single penny I pay for it.

Residual Income

A great advantage to a subscription from a business aspect, is that there’s residual income once an audience has been built.

This is definitely active income, and does require hands-on work and logistics, to get it going. Once there are enough subscribers, you could hire a team of people to work on this for you.

If you find a niche you’re really into, this could be a LOT of fun to do. Especially if you have arrangements with lots of different companies sending you a bunch of stuff every month.

Subscriptions sound like an awesome and fun business model to me.

5. Advertising

Just as with any other type of media, such as print media, or TV networks, there are companies out there that will pay you for advertising space on your blog, YouTube channel, Podcast, or even pay influencers for sponsored posts or video ads.

There are a few different types of paid advertising in blogging, YouTube and influencer marketing. Let me run through a few of those, and how they work.

Display Ads / Google Adsense

Ever been reading a  blog, and seen ads for things completely unrelated to that particular blog? Strangely enough these ads just happen to match up with things you’ve been shopping for online lately.

You know how this works. A few days ago, you were shopping online for a new TV. Now you’re reading a post on one of your favorite lifestyle blogs about the best restaurants in Portland, Oregon, and there JUST SO HAPPENS to be ads for new TV’s displayed on that site…

…there’s no coincidence there.

How Google Adsense Works

Advertising platforms such as Google Adsense, can display targeted ads based on anyone’s recent browsing / search history on any website or blog.

It’s a great system, as it displays relevant ads to the reader that might ACTUALLY be useful to them. The ads are paid for by businesses advertising through Google.

If someone reading your blog page clicks on an ad, you get paid by Google Adsense for the click-through. This type of advertising is called CPC, or a Cost-Per-Click ad. Pretty much anyone can get a Google Adsense account for free, and display CPC advertising on their blog posts and website pages.

Sounds great, right?

It is, but I wouldn’t plan to make a living out of passive income simply from CPC ads. You may make a little extra cash, but probably not a huge amount of money, or a living from that.

Google Adsense is passive income, so definitely worth doing. Most bloggers, youtubers, and influencers make a little money online from Google Adsense.

Beware: Too many display ads make a site look too clickbate-ridden, spammy, and cheap.

You can sign up for Google Adsense for free, by clicking RIGHT HERE.

MediaVine and AdThrive

Once you’ve established a HUGE audience, and have a lot of online traffic, you should consider upgrading to using MediaVine, or AdThrive.

These are ad agencies that pay higher commissions than Google Adsense, and could increase your ad revenue further.

Sponsored Content

Most people have heard of sponsorship through watching sports, events, TV shows, and so on. Sponsorship is where a company pays a person to promote their brand in some way or another.

One of the main ways  bloggers, YouTubers and influencers make money online is through sponsored content.

Companies pay to help promote their products within their published content. This could through a blog post, article, facebook post, or an Instagram post. A YouTube video, podcast, or just about ANY form of content.

The promotion could be because you’re actually using the product, demonstrating it, and using it regularly. It could come in the form of a product review, especially things specific to your niche.

On podcasts or youtube videos, you may have sponsor for your channel that pays you a salary, and you have an advertisement on each show. This could be for a certain amount of time, or for a certain amount of shows, depending on the contract.

Sponsored content can be a really good money maker. Especially once you’re established, and have a decent amount of traffic or viewers.

Reviews and Giveaways

Similar in nature to sponsored content, reviews and giveaways are also a really great way for bloggers, youtubers, and influencers to make money online.

As far as what you may want to promote, anything goes here.

The giveaway could be a free month trial of a service or product you recommend. This could also be in the form of a free competition, or prize.  This enables both you, and/or the company you’re promoting, to collect email addresses for people interested in the product or service.

There are many great ways to involve reviews and giveaways, and earn some extra sponsorship cash through the competition, review, or product promotion.

6. Services

Are you currently getting paid money to do a job that’s a service? If so, congratulations! You have a skill that people are willing to pay for!

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from ‘cutting-out-the-middle-man’, to start earning all the money yourself. There are thousands of services that blogs, YouTube channels, websites, and social media can promote VERY effectively.

You’re already doing that job now, so all you need to do, is do it for yourself.

The great thing about this is, you can actually start as a side-hustle. Once it’s built, and is paying you enough to quit your job, QUIT YOUR JOB.

Then you’ll have even more time, to earn more money for you. Much more than you ever did as an employed person. Get too busy? Hire someone and make even more.

Let’s look at a few services that work very well for bloggers, youtubers, and online influencers, as an online business.

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is getting bigger and bigger, the more companies take it onboard in their marketing strategies. Digital marketing agencies are going from strength-to-strength right now.

You could start an agency that takes companies digital marketing onboard as a service. Handle all their Facebook, Instagram, blog posts, YouTube videos, and more. If you do this well, you can get bigger and bigger clients, and build this into a multi-million dollar business for yourself, dong something you already enjoy doing.

And no, you don’t need a college degree to do this. You just need to know what you’re doing, and be able to deliver results.

You could even pivot into becoming a digital marketing agency as a future plan. Some bloggers, youtubers, and influencers, made money online for themselves, then decided to leverage that ability to grow their audience, as a skill they could use for anyone. They were also able to use their audience as a marketing base to launch that second business.

If you can build social media profiles, and increase their popularity, and build an audience, do it for someone else, and make a killing for you.

Hire a team, and make miracles happen.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are needed in almost every aspect of business today.

Many people are making a great living, working from home with multiple companies, remotely, with whatever tasks they need to be done for them. These don’t even have to be boring tasks, or office work. You could collect dry-cleaning, go shopping for your clients, or even just be there when the pool guy needs to be let into the gate.

If you have a laptop, or an office at home, you can be a virtual office assistant. There are even web sites you can sign up for, to work as a freelancer.

Once you’ve gotten yourself off the ground, use your blog site, and social media profiles as marketing tools to attract more clients, and build yourself a healthy income.

You choose what hours you work, from anywhere in the world with internet access, and choose which clients you work with, or don’t.


Just about any type of design can be done remotely now. If you’re a graphic designer, or a designer of any kind, you can design anything for anyone.

You can work as a designer anywhere in the world with power and an internet connection.

Start a travel blog at the same time as you work as a designer? Why not?

Freelance Work

Writing, web design, graphic design, photography, videography, you name it. All these things can be done independently from anywhere in the world.

Your blog, social media posts, and everything else, can serve as your own digital marketing promotion for your brand.

Again, work with whoever you want, working whatever hours you want, from wherever you want to be.

How liberating.

Another way bloggers, youtubers, and influencers make money online and build their influence, is by doing freelance / intern work for others in their niche, for free.  They do this as a marketing strategy.

Simply help someone out with a skill you have that’s useful to them, and maybe they’ll think of you the next time something comes up.

Any Service At All

Legal advice, accounting, book-keeping, statistician, engineering, data analyst. The list of services you can use a blog to promote, is almost endless.

Even if you’re a gardener, or a mechanic, you can use a blog, social media, and a little creativity, to earn an income, and become self-employed.

7. Public Speaking

Whether at industry events, training conventions, or just as a guest speaker, bloggers and influencers are often paid to speak at public and private functions.

This can be extremely lucrative. Many bloggers, youtubers, and influencers make good money online, but then also get invited to speak at events.

I know a few influencers in the business space, currently charging around $100,000.00 for a 1 hour speech. Just one of those a year can really change your income, and free up your time, right?

To be honest, I’d be happy with just ONE of those gigs a year, wouldn’t you?


No this isn’t me, just a Photoshopped Image, Sometime Soon, Maybe?

You’ll need to build an audience first, be an expert in your particular field, or just popular before this happens to you.

OR, you may need to speak at a few events for free, in order to establish a reputation.

But it’s definitely possible for almost anyone to take up public speaking, especially if you’re an expert in something.


What about teaching others what you know? Not just as an online course, but as an actual real-world coach?

People pay thousands of dollars for coaching in many areas of life, or even just being a life coach itself.

The opportunity of being one-to-one with an expert that can teach you something personally, is something people are willing to pay for.


Similar to coaching, weekend retreats, or 2 week retreats in a tropical island somewhere, learning a new skill can be a really attractive package to someone willing to pay for that experience.

Or what about just a week away as a corporate team-building exercise?

People pay to go on retreats of many kinds. Sporting retreats, meditation, spiritual, snowboarding, religious retreats, marketing, skydiving, extreme sports, survival training, yachting.

Training of absolutely any kind, in the form of a retreat, can be a great business idea.


TV appearances, media of any kind, or just simply showing up to meet a board of directors for coffee.

Paid appearances are definitely possible for anyone that’s an influencer with a following, or a blogger with an audience.

Even appearances on other peoples blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels, can be a paid appearance.

8. YouTube Channel Views

If you build a YouTube channel to have a big enough following, YouTube pay the channel for each view of the content.

Successful YouTubers can even make millions of dollars per year, just based on this income alone. However, these are the very top few of the YouTubers in the world.

When you add in all the endorsement deals, sponsorship ads, and appearances they make in other media, the top YouTubers can become multi-millionaires, and celebrities in their own rights.

As part of an influencer campaign, or blog income, you can gain enough views for this to also be a part of your business income.

Add All Applicable Income Streams to Your Income Plan

Now that you’re planning waysd you will be making money online, it’s time to be intentional. Write down ANY and ALL things in this article that could possibly apply to your plan.

Let’s figure out how this is going to work for you, as you build your blog, or online business. Grab your competitive research right now, and lets put everything into a plan for you.

Competitive Research Comparison & Blog Monetization Strategies

Take the list you have of ways other bloggers, youtubers, and influencers make money online in your niche. Then put them alongside your competitive research, and look at all the ways your future competitors are making money.

If you see a few more ways your competitors are making money that you didn’t notice before, add them to the competitive research.

Now, lets look for patterns forming here. Your competitors probably have a few ways they ALL make money, or a few things they all do similarly.

Anything you considered as a possibility for personal income that your competitors are already earning money doing, is something that will probably work out well for you, too.

Now, how do we start putting these into a plan for you to start making money?

That’s easy.

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