Rick Lowe / Tricklowe

I’m Rick Lowe, AKA Tricklowe.

Why tricklowe? It was an old forum / messenger name from back in the 90’s that just kinda stuck with me. It’s just basically my name with a ‘T’ in front, to spell the word ‘trick’ (I skate a lot, so there-you-go).

I grew up playing computer and console games, but I always wanted to learn how to draw on computers. Drawing software back then totally sucked (remember,MS Paint kinda stuff?!!) As for writing code, forget it, not my thing AT ALL!!

In 1998 I bought my first ever internet capable computer, my beloved Graphite iMac when I started my first business. When I first experienced the internet, and the digital era of artwork and video editing, I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY!!

The ability to communicate and do business with everyone worldwide, and the digital era of video editing & artwork, opened my eyes to a whole new world. This completely changed my life overnight.

From that moment on I had ZERO interest in playing games.

All I wanted to do, was to build websites, design graphics, edit video, so that’s what I did.


Websites since 1998

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed writing content, drawing graphics, logos, and flyers. I love building websites, blogging, editing videos, audio, etc.

Things have really changed over the years, it’s been a pretty fun hobby that’s grown with me. It’s always been a good creative part of my life.


…yeah, I get it, in a lot of ways I come across as a nerd a, but to be honest, I’m not at all.

I’ve also been a Pro Skater.

The Pro Skater Days

Way back in 1994, I watched the first ever Snakeboard World Championships.

Not many people have heard of a snakeboard, the original boards looked like this…


The Original Old-School Snakeboard

I got really good at snakeboarding, turned pro within 1 year, and skated pro for many years. It was a wild and crazy adventure.

The first ever pro snakeboarder to win 3 U.K. championships, I traveled the world for free, did hundreds of halfpipe demos, events, competitions, and tours.

I Loved every second of it.

Snakeboard (the company) shut down in the late 90’s. Now only a few of the hardcore riders remain. For many of us this was the end of an era.

It’s still something I love very much.

From Change on the Floor to CEO

When I first moved out to California, I came across the sport of airsoft. It was a lot fun to do, and seemed interesting and fun to me as a business opportunity.

It was 2006, so pre-social media and smart phone apps. Using the power of ebay,, online forums, and my own website for marketing, I was able to start a pretty successful airsoft business with almost no money at all.

In fact, I took the change on the bedroom floor, and turned it into a $300,000.00 per year business within just 2 years!

The best part was, it was the most fun I had ever had in a ‘job’ ever.

Being the CEO of my own corporation, never felt like I was going to work at all. I had an absolute blast the whole time.

Unfortunately over the course of a few years, I got involved with different locations, and some not-so-great business partners.

In 2015 I recognized that I’d made the mistake of inadvertently building a business on someone else’s platform, and as a result, had lost control of certain aspects of the business.

I decided the business had run its course, and had come to an impasse, so I closed it down to start new ventures.

In the 9 years running this business, I learned tons of skills and lessons, that would be valuable to ANYONE starting their own business, or running a business today.

That leads me right up to, where I am today, and how I met you.

In business, I’ve tried many things that have failed, but also been successful in many others.

Over the years, I’ve learned MANY different valuable skills, in order to run the businesses I’ve built, and been involved in.

If I couldn’t afford to hire someone to do a job for me, I just learned the necessary skills (often the hard way) and did it myself, to the best of my ability.

It was a matter of either learn fast and hard, or quit now (and quitting’s just not something I know how to do!).

Learning and living this way was essential. Yes, it was hard… but it DID gave me a pretty good understanding of whatever job it was.

So if I eventually hired someone, I had perspective. I understood what they needed to do for me, had a good understanding of what they were doing, and a great appreciation for what they did for me.

I’ve Got You

From the practical to the tactical, online, or offline, management to marketing, hiring to firing, design to delegation, mindset and motivation, I’ve got you.

Whether it’s online, or offline, it’s important to understand that you NEVER stop either learning, or getting educated.

There’s a difference between the two, which I GO INTO HERE.

That’s how every business works! You learn as you go, but keep taking action. Forwards is forwards, no matter how slow and steady.

As you’re reading this, understand that JUST THIS ABOUT ME PAGE, took me a few weeks to put together. I do as much as I can each day, and don’t stop moving forwards, ever. Put everything into perspective and remember, nothing beats relentless.

At the time of writing this page, I myself, have never owned a business blog that teaches other people to blog before.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be eating some pretty good humble pie along the line.

But… …as I’m building this blog, I’ll share with you what is working for me, and what isn’t. I’m not afraid to share my failures with you.

I sincerely hope you find some things on this blog useful to you.

Any Questions? Ask Me, I Mean It

If you have any questions at all about anything, don’t hesitate to email me personally.

I’ll be more than happy to help you with ANYTHING.

Even if you don’t see it on this blog, and you don’t think I can help you, EVEN IF IT SEEMS STUPID (you think I’ll regret this one later?!) You’d be surprised that amount of things I CAN help with.

Anyway, this is who I am, and what I do.

I’m tricklowe, and welcome to my blog.

The fact that you’re even here, means you’re amazing to me.