Finding the Best Online Business Ideas for YOU

One of the hardest decisions in blogging and online business ideas, can be deciding which blog or business to ACTUALLY START.

MANY beginner bloggers, or people wanting to start an online business, can become almost paralyzed by this decision.

Deciding which is the best online business idea for you IS an important decision, but the fear of making the ‘wrong’ decision shouldn’t stop you ACTUALLY making one. Click To Tweet

You can spend months, or even years ‘deciding’ what to do. Burying yourself in busy-work and ‘research’, achieving ABSOLUTELY nothing. All you do is over-analyze this, and over-think THAT.

Understand that DECIDING is not DOING.

It’s REALLY EASY to bury yourself in the procrastination of busy work, taking forever ‘deciding’ what blog to start, instead of doing what you need to do, and actually STARTING.

The truth is, if you sit researching, hoping for the PERFECT million-dollar idea to come along, you’ll NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE.

I call this ‘blogcrastination’.


Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m 100% guilty of this blogging crime, myself.

I Murdered THIS Blog, So I Could Move Forwards

With THIS blog I got to the point of no return.

I’d spent YEARS trying to decide what online business ideas to work with. I found myself constantly getting held up in the research and decision-making stages. The problem with the internet to me, was information overload.

Every time I thought I was in the right place, I found EVEN MORE RESEARCH to do.

Eventually I got to a point where I was SO PISSED OFF WITH MYSELF, I simply decided what online business idea I was going to do, and that was it. Then, I killed off my blog completely, and started over again from scratch that day.

why-did-I-murder-online business-blog-

Click on the Above Image to Read More About Why I Murdered This Blog

I don’t recommend that, but it WAS exactly the foot-in-the-ass that I NEEDED to actually get going in the right direction. It felt liberating.

I have an article about it, and how it motivated me, right here.

Even with that drastic measure taken, I’m STILL guilty of sometimes over-thinking things.

With any business, action and motion are the only things that make ANY progress.

If you can’t make decisions, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to take ANY ACTION AT ALL. Let’s take a few steps in the right direction today, towards ending the confusion and ‘decision-making’, in finding the perfect blogging idea FOR YOU.

First, you need a few ideas.

It all Starts with an Idea

As with almost any decision ever, there are a couple of important factors for finding the RIGHT blogging business idea FOR YOU.

The two MOST IMPORTANT things we need to take into consideration when choosing your blog idea are;

  • You must be passionate about, good at, or at least very interested in your blog topic (don’t worry, we WILL figure this out today
  • This blog topic MUST have the potential to make money. You’re starting a business here, not another hobby

We are going to find a topic that you’ll enjoy being involved in, and can make money from either passive income, or active income sources, or both.

First, we need to find some great blog and online business ideas for YOU.

3 Main Business Idea Problems


It’s likely that you’re in one of three positions right now;

  1. TOO MANY BUSINESS IDEAS. All your ideas sound great to you, but you’re not sure which business idea is the right one for you
  2. You’ve got JUST ONE idea, but you’re not sure it that’s a good idea for an online business. Also, you don’t want to waste your time on the wrong idea, and need some guidance on what might be right for you
  3. You want to start a business, but have absolutely NO IDEA what you want to do.

Don’t worry, by the time you’ve read this article I guarantee you’ll have AT LEAST 3 solid online business ideas.

Why 3 Business ideas?

If you only have one idea, it might not be great as an online business idea, so you’ll just need to start all over again looking for another idea.

I’m not trying to give you another hobby, I want you to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Having 3 options will give you a small amount to choose from, but enough to compare the opportunities and find the best one for a business.

Once you have three online business ideas, you’ll do some quick research to identify the one that’s the best candidate for making money online, and build THAT ONE as a business.

First, though, a couple of things to consider.

Don’t Worry About The ‘How’ Right Now

When thinking of online business ideas, for the moment I don’t want you to worry about HOW this is going to become a business, or make you any money.

We will figure all of those things out. There are thousands of ways to make money online.

Don’t worry about facilities, money you might need to start, or equipment you might need to buy.

We are looking for solid online business ideas only. Especially things that sound fun and interesting to you.

Onto my next point.

Passion IS important, but it’s NOT Everything…

It’s GREAT if you can find something you’re truly, madly passionate about, but…

…it could be REALLY hard to find something like that.

Also, things you’re madly passionate about might not EVER make you any money.

I personally have a blog just like that.

My Passion Project

It’s for a sport I absolutely love, and competed professionally in, for over 15 years. This obscure sport, is my NUMBER 1 PASSION IN LIFE.

Me, doing my thing on my pivotboard

I competed at a pro level for many years, won lots of contests, travelled the world, and met HUNDREDS of amazing friends. My sport has motivated and inspired me in a THOUSAND ways.

I’ve built a successful, popular blog about my sport, that currently ranks #1 on google for ALL important keywords in this blog topic. It works perfectly, but there’s no audience for that product, so it will never make money.

Even if I was the TOP SELLING company in this niche worldwide, it still wouldn’t come close to paying ANYONE’S bills.

Therefore, when you want start a blog and make money online, passion IS important…

…but it’s NOT absolutely EVERYTHING.

Is Money one of the Greatest Motivators Ever?

According to this GALLUP poll, around 85% of Americans HATE their jobs.

That’s a HUGE percentage! Almost scary, in fact.

Even though those people HATE those jobs, they CONTINUE to get up out of bed early in the morning, and drag their tired asses to the jobs they hate. WHY? Because they get PAID to go there.

Are YOU one of them? I know I’ve DEFINITELY been there.

So, can we agree that money is the NUMBER ONE motivator, 85% of the time?

I know I can get pretty passionate and motivated about things that make money, quite easily.

If money motivates people to do things they hate, how motivated would you be making money with an online business, based around something you actually quite like?

What if you actually REALLY ENJOYED what you were doing? It’s a game-changer, isn’t it?

Imagine yourself 3 years into the future, blogging about something you don’t absolutely love but you DO enjoy doing, making an income that paid all your bills and more.

This is a job where you have the freedom to set your own hours, work you own schedule, and make all the important decisions yourself.

What if that business also earned you passive income, making money while you slept?

I guarantee you’d absolutely LOVE your new job, wouldn’t you?

That’s what I want for you, so let’s go about finding it.

A History Lesson, All About YOU


Right now, we’re going to take a little bit of a history lesson, all about the most important person here, you.

Grab a sheet of paper, notepad, start a new spreadsheet, a new clean whiteboard (or whatever you prefer to use).

The aim of this exercise is to find out more about you, to help you find those 3 PERFECT online business ideas perfect for YOU.

I guarantee you if you follow through with this exercise, it will amaze you what you find out about yourself.

So let’s do this.

1. Write a List of Every Job You’ve Ever Had

Write a column on the left with a list of EVERY SINGLE JOB you’ve EVER had. Even the ones you did at school.

Don’t worry if there are a lot of them.

I’m 43 years old, and I’ve worked full-time since I was 15 years old. I’ve had AT LEAST 20-30 jobs in my life, so this exercise actually took me a few hours, but it was EXTREMELY valuable to me.

I was AMAZED at what this exercise taught me about myself.

2. 5 Skills You Learned or Needed

Next to each job, write a column of at least 5 skills you either learned or needed at that job. Not just the qualifications or the job skills either, but other important  things, too.

For example, working in a fast-food restaurant you don’t just need to know how to make burgers, or good food hygiene, but you need great people skills, communication, teamwork, and more.

Accountants don’t just need to have a CPA qualification, but they also have to be great organizers, managing clients, meetings, filings, meeting deadlines, great attention to detail, and MUCH MORE.

Accountants are also usually good with spreadsheets, computers, and also database driven software.

3. 5 Things You Liked About That Job

Next to the skills you’ve written down, write a new column of at least 5 things you REALLY LIKED about the job. They can be absolutely ANYTHING.

Maybe you socialized with the other staff more, and loved your colleagues. If it was just working with one person there, write their name.

Perhaps you really preferred the working hours, or flexible shifts.

Even if you hated MOST of the job, dig deep for things you TRULY liked about it. There will be something there.

Now, for the fourth column.

4. 5 Things You Disliked About That Job

This time 5 things you REALLY DISLIKED about that job. If you come up with more than 5, this is great! Write down AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!

As I said earlier, do this for every job you can remember.

For example, let’s imagine you worked at a fast-food restaurant once.

This is what one job experience might look like;


Once you’re done, take a deep breath, and look at all the information in front of you.

5. Compare the Jobs for Similarities

Look for similarities in the list.

Really take a good hard look at the information in front of you, and compare it.

You may have left some jobs for similar reasons.

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed similar things in completely unrelated jobs. You should be able to see some patterns forming.

Maybe you disliked working shifts, and prefer working regular set hours. Did you hate working weekends?

There could be a creative side of your personality that you NEVER considered until you looked at all these jobs, skills, and preferences.

For example, maybe disliked jobs because they got really boring once you’d learned the job. Therefore, you need to be always be challenged, and constantly learning something new.

Circle, or highlight ANY similarities you see, and write a few notes about what you’re discovering about you.

Once you have figured out what makes you tick, consider this information while coming up with business ideas.

So let’s start thinking about some good business ideas that might work for you.

What Are Your Skills That Sell?

Think about skills you have from work, that you could sell to, or teach to, other people.

There’s a reason why what you did, or do, is a job. It’s because people want to pay for it as a product.

Do you have any skills that you can sell to, teach, or show other people to do?

This doesn’t have to just be job skills, it can be anything. Maybe you want to teach, or show people how to be the best unicyclists in the world. If there’s a market for that, it could be a great idea.

How do These Work Skills Apply to Entrepreneurship?

Consider that you actually REALLY DO LOVE the work you do, but you REALLY DISLIKE the company you work for, their clients, the work environment, or your even your boss.

What About Starting Your Own Firm?

If this is repeating in your life, maybe you could started building a business of YOUR OWN.

You could use your current skills, but where YOU’RE the boss, with YOUR OWN environment, and your own clients.

There’s nothing better than working for yourself, doing what you love. You only need to work for clients you WANT to work with (that’s right, you can ACTUALLY FIRE CLIENTS, that you dislike, too!).

Oh, and what about making 2-3 times what you made working for someone else? Choosing your own hours. Setting your own schedule. Sounds GOOD TO ME.

Maybe you don’t want to start your own firm, because you’re just absolutely tired of this job, and that’s okay, too. It’s not for everyone.

Training, Teaching, and Certifying Others

Blogging and online business has many different ways you can make money using the same skills you ALREADY HAVE, other than the same way  you’re doing it right now.

You could be an online consultant regarding your trade, advising people on what you would do. Maybe you could advise people on how to best work with THEIR clients.

Maybe the skills you learned in your job COULD be taught to other people. You might love sharing and teaching your knowledge, MORE than ACTUALLY DOING the job YOURSELF.

Obviously if you’re a surgeon this one might not work out too well! But for QUITE A LOT of jobs, if you had special training, you can teach others that skill.

ESPECIALLY if YOUR skill required certification.

The more specialized the skill, the better.

Anyway, think about your job / jobs.

Blogging Possibilities

Let’s say you’re an accountant, but you’re done with clients, and you don’t want to do anyone’s books or tax returns anymore.

Why not start an accounting blog to teach business owners, entrepreneurs, and homeowners a few things they maybe don’t know? There are probably a TON of tax breaks a CPA could educate people on.

Young business people might want to know what’s the best business entity from a tax standpoint. You may have a specific formula, or steps you apply to young businesses. Maybe they might want to learn about preparing and reading financial statements, cashflow forecasts, the financial sides of business planning.

Tax breaks are an interesting thing, too. Maybe homeowners, business owners, or employees might need to be brought up to speed on some of the latest tax breaks they might get.

You could have a blog, with a youtube channel, podcast, and much more, with these sorts of interviews and advice.

Maybe even online workshops people can PAY YOU to learn about these things, or maybe you could just make money from the views, or affiliate sales of financial products you recommend.

You may NEVER need to do anyone’s tax returns again, or have another client, unless you wanted to.

If your job is just something you JUST DO to earn money, and would NEVER EVER be able to convert it into a job for you, teaching others, online course, or whatever, then let’s look at something else.

Brainstorming for Online Business Ideas

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, a whiteboard, a spreadsheet, or whatever you prefer, to take some notes. I personally prefer an Excel spreadsheet or GoogleDoc, but everyone has their own way of doing things.

Keep the following things in mind:

  1. Remember, this is a brainstorming exercise. There are absolutely NO WRONG ANSWERS here.
  2. More answers are WAY BETTER than less. Let the ideas just flow out of you freely. Even if it seems weird, or makes no real sense to you WRITE IT DOWN. The MORE things in the list right now, the BETTER.
  1. If when writing down the idea you can think ways to make money, product ideas, OR things to write articles about, write those down next to the idea, too.
  2. You may find yourself getting excited about an idea, if so, GO-TO-TOWN on it! If you’re excited and have a lot of ideas, this could be a GREAT online business idea for you!
  3. Dump EVERYTHING from your brain out onto the paper. Remember, DON’T HOLD BACK.

Let’s start brain-storming.

Look at Your Personal Interests


Maybe you’re the biggest fan in the world of 1980’s scifi movies (I know I DEFINITELY AM!). You love all the movies, and know a ton of trivia, the locations of the film sets. You can cross-reference the significance of certain lines in the movies, and what they mean, etc.

There could be something you just ABSOLUTELY LOVE doing, or something you do that you just-so-happen to be GREAT at.

Maybe you do something in a different way to MOST people.

For example, if fishing is your thing, maybe the places you go, or the WAY you fish makes you an expert.

Do you know a lot about different types of fishing, or are you an expert in ONE particular type of fishing? Are you an expert in equipment? Perhaps you just have an amazing personality, and can make people laugh while they learn more about fishing.


There’s a six year old kid making millions a year on YouTube opening toys (currently around $11,000,000 a year!) he gets sent for free by the toy companies.

Karina Garcia is making six figures a year, with a youtube channel and blog about MAKING SLIME!

There’s a guy on YouTube making money just making stuff in his in his workshop, I love his channel!

Write down ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that just makes you tick, that you think you could write about, blog about, make videos about, podcast about.

I’m not saying you’re going to earn millions a year, BUT most people would be as happy as a pig-in-shit to start an online business earning 6 figures a year.

Especially if it was doing something you ALREADY LOVE DOING, and would do for FREE ANYWAY.

What Could you have a 5 Hour Conversation About?

Is there ANYTHING AT ALL that just gets your engine going?

For me, it’s business.

I could literally sit with another business owner and talk with them for WEEKS at a time (I’ve done this with many business people). I NEVER, EVER get bored, but rather get more-and-more excited about it. Business fascinates me.

I get excited talking to new business people, helping them through their issues, giving them some tips on the mindset necessary to succeed, etc.

Is there anything like that for YOU?

Something, that if you met a person at a party and they were also interested in it, the two of you would be talking for at least 5 hours?

The conversation that stops for a moment, you look at each other, and wonder where the HELL ALL THAT TIME WENT?

If you have something like that, maybe THAT is the thing you’re MEANT to be doing!

Write that thing down, RIGHT NOW (no matter how weird it may sound)! Oh, it’s really weird? Even better!

Time to unlock that subject, and let your inner beast roar.

You can find other people in the world that are equally obsessed with you, and build an awesome online community of totally obsessed kayaking, lake fishing people (or whatever floats your boat).

One Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Learn More About

Have you ever just had something you’ve ALWAYS liked and wanted to learn more about, but just NEVER have?

It’s like a secret obsession for you. For some reason, this one thing fascinates you.

For years, it’s always been there, nagging at your inner-ear, yet you can’t really explain why.

Maybe you already do this thing, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable to you. You want to know more, or get better at it.

Think about things that you’re interested in, weirdly obsessed with.

Maybe you just LOVE baking, and have some killer recipes or techniques that could really change the world.

NEVER EVER TRIED baking before, but you want to try? AWESOME! Lets show the world your trial and error, failures AND triumphs AS YOU LEARN! Let’s show the world how to REALLY MAKE A MESS, or BURN A SALAD properly!

What about things have you wanted to learn more about, but for some reason, haven’t?

Write ALL OF them down if you have some. People are NATURALLY ATTRACTED to things they’re GOOD AT.

Musical Instruments You Play, or Have Played

Maybe you did band at school, sang in the choir, or you had music lessons in something?

Whether you currently play, or have played an instrument in the past, there’s DEFINITELY a blog in that. Maybe you could teach other people, even beginners, how to play it?

Remember, you only need to be a little bit better than the people you’re teaching, for them to be able to learn something from you.

I know PLENTY of people that would live happier lives teaching other people music, rather than working in their current, boring jobs.

What are Your Favorite Places to Go?

Think about places you go;

  • Do you like going for really long hikes, or are you more of a beach-going person?
  • Is a stroll around a lake, bird watching, more your thing?
  • Perhaps you love to go and take seasonal photographs of the same places each year.
  • Are you obsessed with abandoned fairgrounds, malls, apartment buildings, and cities?
  • What about rivers or canyons, or even just people watching in different places.

Maybe it sounds awesome documenting the places you visit, or the personalities and lives of people from around your local town.

You’ve been going to local music events for many years, and the local music scene is your life-fuel.

It’s great to read blogs written passionately by someone local, that loves their surrounding area.

Of course, there are also many great travel blogs out there.

What fascinates you?

Are rock formations the thing you really find fascinating?

Maybe you love to make amazingly colorful and elaborate friendship bracelets, or scrap books of family memories.

World War II might seem a little gruesome to some, but maybe you’re obsessed with history, and what could lead to such crazy events.

Maybe fashion in the 1930’s-1950’s fascinates you, or you’re deeply passionate about renaissance fairs.

What Games do you Love to Play?

This could be your favorite video / computer games of all time.

Do you have an obsession for all things Zelda? You’ve played every single Call of Duty, and know all the secrets?

Maybe you’re just a huge dominoes freak, and know a hundred different fun dominoes games?

You could just be the BEST EVER super-creative person at organizing kids birthday parties.

You’ve a crazy obsession with kids games. If you wanted to, you could literally tire out a group of 6 year old Girl scouts FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, and NEVER GET BORED AT ALL (this literally describes my OWN personal HELL, btw!) Don’t tell me THAT’S not SOMETHING AWESOME!

Every single holiday comes up, and you know different songs to sing, different activities and crafts to make.

You have craft or party ideas for;

  • Valentines Day
  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter / Spring Break
  • Cinqo de Mayo
  • Mother’s / Father’s Day
  • Flag Day
  • Summer Holidays
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Any Boring Weekend Day, EVER!

the above would keep you busy for an ENTIRE YEAR of stuff to do!

Anything goes here, write them all down.

What are you good at advising people on?

Do people ever come to you for advice?

If so, what do they ask you about, and why?

Maybe your cousin comes to you for your advice on their career, love-life, or university choice.

Perhaps you’re great at giving frugal tips for people on a budget.

do people in your life regularly ask you for guidance, like a life coach?

Maybe family members are always calling you for baking tips, and what to do with this or that recipe?

If you don’t think that can make money online doing anything like this, you could be very surprised.

Do you have a craft or hobby?

Do you knit? Ride mountain bikes? Weld up steel artwork pieces? Maybe you collect unusual types of socks.

Almost ANY hobby can be turned into a good online business idea, and used to make some good income.

All you need is something enough other people could be interested in, that would want to read about it, watch videos about, or just learn more about.

Crafts and hobbies are usually something quite a few other people do. There might be an audience for YOUR hobby.

Believe it or not, there are people making real good income, blogging about things such as homesteading.

Homesteading is all about making your home very self-sufficient, so they have chickens for eggs, and crops for fruits and vegetables. Homesteaders can their extra fruit, and have a pantry full of jars, homemade pickles, etc.

I don’t personally know anyone that’s a homesteader, but there are definitely enough of them in the world to make a VERY good living blogging about it.

Do you make really cool bracelets, or macramé plant-holders?

What about text-art things with funny words or sayings for hanging around the house? I have one in my house that says ‘insanity doesn’t run in this family, it GALLOPS!’

I love that stuff, and there’s money to be made there.

What about something completely stupid, but cool?

You’re the world number 1 fan of the Back to the Future movies. You actually have a life-sized model of the DeLorean car used in the movie.

I know a guy that is the ABSOLUTE BEST Jack Sparrow I’ve ever seen.

The weird thing is, he actually DOESN’T doesn’t look ANYTHING LIKE Johnny Depp without the makeup or custom on, at all. This guy has a Jack Sparrow costume, that when he puts it on, he looks the ABSOLUTE SPITTING IMAGE of Cpt. Jack Sparrow.

I believe I have an old photo of him somewhere, but it’s creepy how close it is. This guy makes a pretty good second income from doing appearances at birthdays, parties, etc.

At Halloween, he usually has around 6 or 7 parties booked to appear at for just half-an-hour or so. Halloween night he makes more money in one night, than an entire month in his regular job.

What about super cool Halloween decorations or party ideas?

Do you like to make stuff?

Maybe your hidden talent is macramé, but you also like making hand-made Christmas cards, personalized coffee cups, or even just really nice, personal wall hangings for people.

You’re the worlds best artistic person for making hand-made, personal birthday cards.

You can build customized engines from scratch. When it comes to origami, you’re the master. Your home brew beer is the best in the world. The cabinets you make in your workshop, are the finest you’ve ever seen.

If you love making stuff, WRITE IT DOWN!

Do you meditate?

Seriously. Perhaps you’ve been meditating for many years.

Why couldn’t you make short meditational videos or podcasts, that teach people to meditate, and find some peace or clarity?

I know that meditation has helped my mind, especially with focus and clarity, and how I treat people (weird, but it works).

What about a training course, or a retreat for people that are really into what you do?

Where do you go to find peace and quiet?

Do you escape the house sometimes, and just hike up to the highest hills you can find?

You could share your locations, experiences, and views with people.

Self awareness, self healing, and many inner-healing things, are good ideas.

Are you good at organizing?

Maybe you’re the closet expert, and I mean literally. You could go into anyone’s home and reorganize everything so that it looks neat, tidy, organized, and it’s super-easy to find things.

Videos, product reviews, closet transformations, you name it. There’s gotta be organizational tips that could go on forever, especially when it comes to organizing your life, or your schedule, your time.

You could have a complete organizational makeover for people, and change their lives in small ways every single, day.

You could visit people in their homes, and simply teach them your organization skills, so their house can be clutter-free, or maybe from your YouTube channel.

Find 3 Blog Ideas, Then We Move on

Take a look at your job skills, likes, and dislikes.

Look at all the above hobbies, interests, and ideas for a blog based online business ideas, or online store.

All we need is 3 ideas. 3 is the absolute minimum. If you have 5, and can’t eliminate any of them, that’s okay.

Once you have those 3 SOLID blog or business ideas, take a look at them. I’m hoping ALL THREE excite, interest, or intreague you. Look at the three online business ideas you have. Imagine doing each one of them, and how much fun they COULD be.

IF you’ve ALREADY thought of a few ways to make money with these online business ideas, that’s GREAT. Your head is already on the right track.

You should be really proud of yourself getting this far, and not giving up.

Now, lets figure out which one of these three online business ideas has the MOST potential for making money.

We’re going to do some research now to figure out which online business idea is the best one. This will potentially save you a lot of time and money, and get you on the right track, quicker.

Head on over to Part Two of this course, where we figure ALL THAT STUFF OUT.


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