Making Custom Graphics Projects

I quite often need to make a custom sticker, decal, t-shirt, coffee mug, cup, or just about anything you can customize.

It could be a prop or set dressing for a video shoot, or maybe a brand I’m building that needs something quickly, but needs to keep pricing and production numbers low. Often it’s a special occasion or holiday ( like making custom Halloween / St. Patrick’s Day / Birthday shirts). My daughter and I made this fun Halloween shirt, she loved choosing the design, and helping make the shirt, too!


A Halloween T-Shirt for Sophia (She Loves Hello Kitty!)

Sometimes I just need a sticker to brighten something up with a graphic, or graphics for a new pivotboard. I once made an awesome coffee cup for my daughter’s school teacher, which she loved.


Custom Coffee Cup

I’m always designing something, and find myself needing to make these custom things quite often. So, I would be absolutely lost if I didn’t have the equipment to do this.

Cue the Cricut Air 2

As I was making a custom shirt for St. Patrick’s Day this year, I thought it would be awesome to do a quick VLOG / blog post showing how I do that. At any time, I can literally take almost any design from my head, and put it onto a shirt, in about 30 minutes or so. That includes the time for design work on Adobe Illustrator.


Custom St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

I use a cricut vinyl cutter to do a lot of these things. My wife was the one that actually talked me into buying this equipment. As I needed something to make custom graphics for my pivotboard brand, something I could change whenever I wanted to.

The cricut Air 2 looked like the perfect thing for the job, and it was. I couldn’t be happier with the amount of options and capabilities this awesome tool has.

Anyway, check out the video, and the photos in this post showing some of the things I’ve made recently.

California Poppy Superbloom

I’m lucky enough to live close to Lake Elsinore, where the California Poppy Superbloom happened this year. So I took a moment to head out with the family, and grab a few photos of the wildflowers close to my house.


I hope you enjoy the shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Check out some more of my posts below, some of them are business orientated for those of you that want to start making money online, others are just blog posts like this one.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.


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